Still works in 2024!

Magical link indexing service.

We use a unique approach that mixes multiple indexing techniques that will spread the word about your backlinks and forces search engine bots and spiders to crawl and index your backlinks. A link not indexed is a link not built...

Work less and do more

Never waste your time again trying to index your money sites, web 2.0's, profile links or any link types. We help you to make better use of your time in more important tasks. Our automated link indexing service will allow you to work less and produce more.

Very easy to use and configure

We have a one click submission page for fast user friendly streamlined process. no steep learning curves or complex installations or configurations required from your side. Just paste the links and name your campaign and you are good to go...

The best support on the web

We will run an extra mile to be close to you with the fast helpful response you may need. Our top notch knowledged staff will always be there to answer your presales/support queries.

As a webmaster, you build backlinks every day to your sites whether it is web 2.0 properties, blog posts, profile links, social bookmarks or any other type of links you will always need these backlinks to get indexed to benefit from the link juice these pages have. While pinging individual urls can be a good easy option to get a backlink indexed, but it is not enough as there is so much work involved and if the pages you are pinging have little content then pinging is not just enough. We do know that RSS feeds are also another option but still not the only way for an effective backlink indexing process. Don't get us wrong, the above techniques work but not as individually sufficent. What we are offering here is a unique technology that gives backlinks to your backlinks from relevant content pages to make your backlinks look more important to spiders specially google bot along with the regular pinging and rss feed creation and pinging for even more power.

The whole process is automated and we do the work on our side so you don't need to install software on your computer or a script / plugin on your server like some other services require. You don't have to get into steep learning curves or be a computer geek to figure out how to work with our system. It is as easy as pasting the links in a text box and that's it! We do appreciate your time and we believe that there are more productive things you can do manually so we take the indexing task off your chest. Backlink indexing has never been easier with Lindexed!

The 5 automated steps to get your backlinks indexed
that no other link indexing service uses them combined.

Step 1

We create and ping random content pages on multiple randomly picked domains that we own with 100 links/page.

Step 2

We Create rss feeds of your backlinks and ping them.

Step 3

We Create xml sitemaps of your backlinks and ping them.

Step 4

We ping your backlinks individually.

Step 5

We repeat the pinging process with random intervals for 15 days.


PingCloud is a unique feature that no other link indexing/crawling tool ever had. PingCloud will send semi-human pings from multiple servers across the world in different countries. What does this mean? Your links get multiple pings/votes from multiple countries/cities across the world making these pings look super natural to Google that it follows the link and gives it more crawling/indexing priority.

Lindexed works through API with these SEO programs


Backlink Monitor

Article Spinning Wizard

GSA Search Engine Ranker


You can add unlimited campaigns.

Dripping urls processing for up to 10 days.

You can use it for yourself or your SEO clients.

You can use our API to automatically send links to your account through supported link building softwares and services.

Still works in 2024!
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Monthly Links 300K 1.5 Million 10 Million
Instant Access Yes Yes Yes
NO Daily Limits Yes Yes Yes
10 Days Dripping Yes Yes Yes
Real Time Reporting Yes Yes Yes
Multiple API Access Yes Yes Yes
100% Guaranteed Crawling Yes Yes Yes
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